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Hat Man

A Visit From Hat Man

I have had multiple experiences with shadow people, but only one with Hat Man. It was a very interesting experience though, and I will never forget it. This experience happened sometime between 1999-2000.

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Hills' UFO depiction

The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction

An oldie but a goodie. One of the first UFO abduction cases I heard about, and to this day, still one of the most fascinating. In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill had a UFO sighting while driving home from a vacation. Betty started having strange nightmares involving the craft and being taken on board. This led to some investigating, which led to hypnosis, which led to one of the most famous alien abduction stories in history.

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The Face on Mars

The Face on Mars

This image from the Viking 1 orbiter is an amazing one. And it isn't because I believe it is definitely a face. The image is amazing because it is something that piqued my interest as a kid, and helped guide me toward the rabbit hole of conspiracy. I'm still undecided on what it is because of how much fun it is to think about the implications of it being a face. I know, I know.. NASA went back and got a new image of the face with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. But NASA is known for airbrushing images or even just plain losing things. So I won't put it past them to have altered or faked the new face image. It could be a face and it could be a mound, but it is definitely fun to think about. I will be doing a full writeup on the Face on Mars, along with the whole Cydonia region, in tribute to this image for helping me along my amazing journey.

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