The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

A look at the Bermuda Triangle area

This is a classic conspiracy, and among those who have described strange experiences in The Bermuda Triangle are both Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh. Disappearing aircraft, electronic fog, time distortions, and encounters with mysterious craft are just a few things that have been reported here.

Gian Quasar has spent many years researching The Bermuda Triangle and has written some books on the subject. Head over to his website to learn more:

One of the more bizarre experiences while traveling through the Bermuda Triangle is the electronic fog. Bruce Gernon claims to have successfully flown through electronic fog and survived to tell about it. Check out his site (you might want to mute your speakers):


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  Audio: The Higherside Chats did an interview with Gian Quasar about the Bermuda Triangle.

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